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18" Push Black Walnut Harvester
Usually ships in 24 hours.

This year, harvest your Black Walnuts upright by pushing a Bag-A-Nut instead of crawling around on your hands and knees. See for yourself why black walnut growers have used our harvesters for over 20 years. The basket, ejector fingers and brackets have all been re-engineered for a better Bag-A-Nut, and a better Black Walnut yield.  Bag-A-Nut is built to last. It is easy to maintain and lightweight enough for use by anyone at any age. Our lift-out baskets are quickly removed and emptied so you can get your Black Walnut harvesting done in less than half the time. Make the investment this year and reap the benefits for years to come

See more about assembly, shipping and warranty information on our Support page.

International Inquiries: Contact Brent Frantz at brent@baganut.com


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