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36" Push Macadamia Harvester
In Stock

Our new 36-inch Macadamia Push Harvester will minimize your time spent on harvesting.  Double baskets and double width means less passes through your orchard.  Enjoy heavy-duty harvesting with our more durable frame, while maintaining the ability to maneuver under low hanging tree branches.  Baskets are easy to lift out and dump so you can continue picking up your macadamia nuts.

See more about assembly, shipping, and warranty on our "Support" page.

ATTENTION HAWAII CUSTOMERS: Please allow plenty of shipping time for Macadamia season. Shipping quotes can be provided by emailing brent@baganut.com. Ocean and air options are available, but not Postal Service.

International inquiries: Contact Brent Frantz at brent@baganut.com. 

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