Pick Up Black Walnuts!

Pick Up Black Walnuts!

Bag-A-Nut's innovative design makes it simple to pick up a wide range of nuts.

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Newly Redesigned Nut Harvesters for 2021

Now with a larger yield, the all-new Nut Harvesters help homeowners and small farms save time and energy.

18" Push Pecan Harvester
  • Save Time & Energy

    For too long, gathering nuts has been a backbreaking, knees-aching, time-consuming chore. No more!
  • Innovative Design

    Durable, affordable and lightweight, the Bag-A-Nut is easy to maneuver around tight corners and irregular terrain.
  • Fan Favorite

    Used world-wide, Bag-A-Nut is the leader in non-powered nut harvesters.
  • Eco-Friendly

    No fuel, no exhaust, and is made with 30% pre-consumer recycled plastic.

Don't just take our word for it...

Thanks for the quality nut picking product, excellent service, and a company and product which has been a joy to deal with.