Acorns, the Nut of the Oak Tree

Acorns | Mar 02, 2015
pick up acorns the easy way



Acorns are very necessary for the food supply of birds and mammals. When there is a lean year, mice, squirrels and birds will have a hard time finding enough food to survive through the winter.

For deer, acorns can be as much as 25% of their diet in autumn. However, acorns are very toxic to horses, cattle and dogs because of the high concentration of tannic acid.

People are always looking for a way to pick up their acorns, especially during a Mast year! We here at Bag A Nut will start receiving calls during this time from our customers that are exasperated with all the acorns in their yard or driveway. Their concerns are either slipping on them or that their dogs or horses might digest too many of them. This can make them seriously ill, or even kill them. Our Acorn Harvesters can pick them up quick and easily.

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