An Easier Way to Pick Up Acorns

Acorns | Mar 30, 2020
an easier way to pick up acorns


Acorns are nut like seeds that grow into beautiful oak trees and are a favorite food for squirrels, deer, birds and more. They can also be a nuisance if you have oak trees that drop them onto your property.

They can especially be a bother in they are left to sit on concrete because they can cause staining.
You may want to harvest acorns in order to plant new trees or to use them as feed for deer. A common strategy among hunters who hunt on private property is to leave food out for deer so their paths can be more easily pinpointed. Collecting acorns yourself and relocating them to your hunting spot is a good way to put them to good use and save a little money on deer feed sold in stores. No matter your reason, picking them up is made quick and easy with Acorn Bag-A-Nut Harvesters.

Most acorns become mature by the end of summer and start to fall at the beginning of autumn, usually around September or October. The process of collecting your acorns can be fast, efficient, and even fun! See all of our Acorn Harvester options.


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