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Reasons to KEEP Your Sweet Gum Ball Trees!

Reasons to KEEP Your Sweet Gum Ball Trees!

If you’ve ever seen, stepped on, tripped, slid, or touched this prickly, spiky “fruit” of the Sweet Gum Ball tree, you would understand why the owners want so desperately to pick them up, preferably with the least human contact as possible!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself! Before we chop down, chemically treat or spray this tree into oblivion, let me point out some of the very positive aspects of this shade bearing, multi-colored leaves, good privacy provider, great lumber, feast for animals and birds, beautiful tree.

The Sweet Gum Ball tree is among the most popular trees that add beauty to the landscape when the leaves change in the autumn months. It has a star shaped leaf that changes to brilliant shades of yellow, orange, red and purple.

This tree is highly recommended for ornamental and landscape uses because of it beauty and the shade it provides. It also is great at providing privacy barriers.

The fruit does provide food for forest animals such as squirrels, wood ducks, white tailed deer, mourning doves, beavers and birds. They are fast growing and resistant to insect attack which make them useful in land reclamation and reforestation projects.

The Sweet Gum Ball Tree is also a very popular timber wood. It has an attractive interlocked grain and easily takes on staining, painting, and is moderately easy to shape and bore.

This tree sounds just about perfect in every way, except for its spiky balls that can appear to be more of a weapon than a fruit that opens to let the seeds out! Instead of worrying about all those pesky balls around your beautiful tree, let the Bag-A-Nut Sweet Gum Ball unit pick them up for you with ease!


Jun 06, 2020 • Posted by Vickie Bruce

I am with Christine. We had a quite a few trees taken down on a home we purchased. There were too many, diseased and crowded. So we planted a Nuttall oak To provide future shade but left this little sweet gum that popped up. It is in perfect spot so as not to compete with each other. Everyone here in fla hates them but I think they are so pretty. And I read that if they are not crowded for sun they get big and full and gorgeous. So for now at least , the sweet gum will stay!

May 02, 2020 • Posted by christine

I have 2 1/2 acres of land. These trees are all over, along with varieties of oak, and pine, as well as trees I can’t identify. I have no problem with the prickly gum balls, because I wear shoes when outside. I love these beautiful trees, and would not even consider cutting any of them down, unless they were endangering my structures. Enjoy the hot, baking sun, Phyllis.

Jan 20, 2020 • Posted by phyllis barham

i have 2 of these sweet gumball trees in my yard . and i am thinking about having them taken down. because of the mess in the yard. thanks ,Phyllis

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