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Ox Hunting Ranch

Ox Hunting Ranch

Gray Fox (part of Bag-A-Nut company) recently took a trip to the Ox Hunting Ranch, located in Uvalde, Texas. It was such a fun experience for both hunter and non-hunter. On the first day, we arrived in the afternoon and had lunch, served by their award winning chef. Next, we met our guide, who was with us for our entire stay. Ox Hunting Ranch is an all inclusive experience, so meals, snacks, and drinks are provided for you! The ranch boasts a farm-to-table experience, so wild game is on the menu. If you are hunting during your stay, your guide will help you with any activities you want to do on the ranch, and of course is your exclusive hunting guide around the massive 18,000 acre property






 The property has beautiful rocky hills and valleys with over 60 species of exotic, free range animals, including deer. The historic cabins for lodging have been relocated from Kentucky and rebuilt on site. They have been updated with all the modern day amenities. There are also cabins along a beautiful lake next to activities suited for family entertainment, such as a playground, putt putt golf, and kayaks. There is no lack of activity for those who are not there to hunt. You can go hiking, cave exploring, fishing, feed giraffes, and swim in their resort style pool.

We spent most of our time riding around the outfitted jeep with our guide, hunting the beautiful hills. During our hunt, we decided to try for a Catalina goat with archery equipment. The guides advised it would be tough to get close enough for a bow shot, but the guys were determined to try. Our guide got us in sight of several goats, but in the end, stalking goats up rocky hillsides proved to be too difficult for our 2 day stay. Not to worry though, we didn’t get completely skunked! We did some night hunting for pigs out of a blind that was an experience in itself. It is equipped with real time game cameras and night vision scopes. This was a blind set up like no other, with drinks, snacks, and a poker table available while you wait for the game to come feed.

Although we didn’t leave with our trophy this time, we're already planning to go back. The guys are determined to try again with their bows. We like a challenge! We highly recommend Ox Hunting Ranch! Check it out here and start planning your trip today! https://www.oxhuntingranch.com

Pick Up Dog Poop with the Macadamia Nut Bag-A-Nut Harvester

Pick Up Dog Poop with the Macadamia Nut Bag-A-Nut Harvester
We always love hearing feedback from our customers. Sometimes, we even discover new things about our products through this exchange. Recently, a customer shared her experience with the Macadamia Nut Harvester. She discovered you can pick up dog poop with this machine!

She explained it works best on hard surfaces such as concrete, thin grass, or artificial grass. It won't work as well in thick grass. Brian, an employee who has a lot of experience building the machines said "The Macadamia Nut Harvester works best for this purpose because of the spacing of the wheels. You can spray it off with a hose easily because it's all plastic, so it won't be damaged by water."

Any of the five models of macadamia machines will work because it's all about the spacing of the wheels. So whichever one you have will help with this dirty job. There is even a handheld unit that would be especially convenient because of it's light weight and portability.

Check out all your options here and start picking up your dog's poop fast! https://baganut.com/collections/pick-up-macadamias

The Search For A Farm

The Search For A Farm
The search for land actually took us several years and was centered in Southeast Georgia. The location is close to our current home and is in an area where pecan trees grow well.  We wanted a place to combine our business goals with our family goals. A place to get our kids outside where we could go camping, fishing, hunting, and spend quality family time together. 


The searching part was really fun. My family lives in Southeast Georgia and for years Silas would look at property on real estate websites. When we would go visit my family, we would spend hours driving around and checking out the properties, dreaming of the perfect place. It became a hobby to find a property and map out where we would plant the orchards, build a barn, and put the tree stands. 

Eventually, we found a piece with enough room for a couple of small orchards, and even a few food plots for the wildlife.  So far, we are loving it and are really learning a lot. We are experiencing first hand what our customers do as they manage their own land and trees. Silas has used the property for research and development, just as he envisioned. Shama, our marketing manager, is able to photograph our products in action. Our little adventure  ended up inspiring us to launch a series of videos on our Bag-A-Nut YOUTUBE channel. You can view them under the Nut Dynasty playlist. We really do enjoy sharing what we’re learning and look forward to what the future holds in the years to come!

   Silas Farm Start    Silas Farm 2

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