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How to Pick Up Lots of Pecans

How to Pick Up Lots of Pecans
If you're blessed with having an abundance of pecan trees on your property, you've probably contemplated the best way to harvest all those delicious nuts that fall every autumn.  As summer comes to an end for this year, you may want to start thinking about what strategy you'll be using when your pecans start to drop, beginning in early September all the way through November.
Whether you're harvesting your nuts to make delicious recipes, sharing them with friends and family, or collecting them to sell at your local farmer's market, this job will require some preparation and planning.  Thankfully, you have lots of options.  Bag-A-Nut machines have been designed with this in mind.
Which machine you choose will depend on the size of your property and your personal preference for collecting.  Our newest Pecan Harvester is a 12" push unit that has been re-engineered to make picking up your nuts easier than ever.  Our most popular unit is the 18"Push Pecan Harvester and we also have a 36" Push model for larger areas.  For even bigger jobs, the 36" Pull-Behind model can be attached to a mower or tractor.
No matter which one you choose, you'll be picking up lots of pecans quickly.  The fingers will pick up the largest nuts to the smallest seedlings.  The baskets are easy to remove and replace for fast, fun, and efficient collecting.
Check out all your pecan harvesting options and reap the many benefits of saving time picking up lots of nuts!

How to Get Rid of Black Walnut Stains

How to Get Rid of Black Walnut Stains
Black walnut trees are a beautiful addition to any property.  They produce delicious nuts that are great for using in baking or eating on their own.   One downside, however, is they contain a juice that can stain your hands, clothing, or if left sitting for too long, your driveway.  If you love the beauty, shade, and nuts provided by your trees, there are solutions that can help with these stains.
Garden Guide shares a great natural solution for removing black walnut stains from your hands.  They explain if you pour lemon juice on your hands and rub them together for a few minutes, the acid will remove the stains.  After that, just wash your hands with warm water and soap.  Soap alone doesn't get rid of the harsh staining, so the lemon juice is a great, healthy way to clean your hands. 
They also share a solution if your clothes get stained from black walnuts.  Run the stain under cold water and add 2-3 tsp. of dish detergent to the stain.  Next, add 4 drops of vinegar and rub it in.  Wrap the stain in a paper towel for 5-10 minutes.  Rinse with water and repeat until the stain is gone.  Depending on the type of fabric, you could try this on rugs or other similar materials.  You can also try bleach if the stained fabric is white.  It's also important to not let the fabric dry until the stains have been completely removed.
Black Walnut Stained Hands
Cement is another spot that might be susceptible to black walnut stains.  This method comes from Hunker and it requires a few precautions since you'll be using chlorine.  Make sure to wear old clothes, eye protection, rubber gloves, and rubber boots.  First, wet the stains with your hose and sprinkle them with granular chlorine.  Mist with water and allow to sit for 5 minutes.  Next, add a gallon of water, 1/3 of a cup of liquid dish detergent, and 2/3 of a cup of borax to a bucket and mix well.  Use a stiff scrub brush to scrub the stains for about 2 minutes with the solution, then rinse well with water.  The stains should be gone.  You can also apply a coat of concrete sealer to areas where the nuts tend to fall.  This will make future stains easier to clean and may prevent them all together.
Prevention is always a good strategy, so if you're planning on working with black walnuts, wear gloves next time.  To prevent the staining of concrete, make sure to pick up the fallen nuts before their juices leak out.  Bag-A-Nut's Black Walnut Harvester is a fast, fun, and efficient way to do this.  You'll get the nuts up to prevent staining and have a good amount for recipes and snacking!
Check out the many Bag-A-Nut options available for harvesting black walnuts here: https://baganut.com/collections/pick-up-black-walnuts

Do You Know About Tuff Shins?

Do You Know About Tuff Shins?
You may already be aware of Bag-A-Nut's origin story.  In 1989, James Dudley, founded the company and now his grandsons, Caleb and Silas, are successfully running it.  What you may not know is over 30 years ago, James invented a product called Snake Leggings.  Now renamed Tuff Shins, the product is still manufactured in the Bag-A-Nut Warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida.  

Tuff Shins easily slip over your shins to provide protection against snakes, sand spurs, weed eaters, thorns, and more.  This versatile product is great for hikers, outdoorsmen, and surveyors.  They're also ideal for lawn maintenance and are proudly made in the USA.  Don't be fooled by cheaper copycat versions made in China.  Our original product is thicker, comes up higher, and is more durable.  They are made with high quality waterproof material, don't absorb sweat, and are scent free.

Whether you're a farmer walking through the fields, a hunter trudging through the woods, or a gardener maintaining the grounds, you'll be protected with Tuff Shins.

Check them out at https://www.tuffshins.com/ and discover how helpful they can be!