Choosing your variety of Pecan Trees…

Which pecan tree variety should I choose?


Looking into what variety pecan trees to plant on your property? Below is a wealth of information so you can decide which pecan tree types to plant, to get the best pecan harvest.

If you haven’t read the blog “What variety of pecan tree should I plant on my property?” make sure you check it out so you have a basic understanding of how all of this works. It isn’t super complicated, but it does take a little understanding.

Below are some charts and links to charts to help you choose your pecan tree variety.

Southeast Pecan Tree Varieties Scab Resistant

Pollination Chart: We found this chart from UGA was very helpful in assuring we have trees that compliment each other in the pollination process.

Back Yard Orchard Articles from UGA: Very helpful if you are looking at a small-scale Pecan Tree Orchard: 1348_4.PDF


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