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Stab-A-Nut Acorn Harvester

Stab-A-Nut Acorn Harvester

Stab-A-Nut Acorn Harvester


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We engineered the Stab-A-Nut to pick up as effectively as our larger rolling harvesters, but at a more affordable price. This Stab-A-Nut was designed with the "backyard" large & small acorn tree owners in mind. We recommend the Stab-A-Nut Acorn Harvester for harvesting one to two trees.

We understand how frustrating picking up acorns by hand can be. The Stab-A-Nut harvester allows you to pick up your large & small acorns without having to bend over. You simply stab the nut on the ground and watch the Stab-A-Nut pick up your acorns. The handheld device allows you to easily empty with a pump handle design.

Our large acorn model is generally for 3/8" to 1 1/4" or larger in diameter acorn. If you have smaller than 3/8" acorns please click HERE for small acorn Stab-A-Nut.

Try the Stab-A-Nut, and we guarantee you will love it! If you have more than one to two trees check out our Larger Models.

See more about assembly, shipping and warranty information on our support page.

International inquiries: Contact Brent Frantz at brent@baganut.com


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