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12" Classic Flip-Up Small Acorn Picker

12" Classic Flip-Up Small Acorn Picker

12" Classic Flip-Up Small Acorn Picker


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A favorite for many years, we just could not phase out this handy Bag-A-Nut Acorn Harvester. The 12" Classic is ideal for anyone who has trouble lifting a full basket of acorns*. This Flip-Up Bag-A-Nut is easily emptied by pulling a cord to dump the basket of acorns onto the ground or into whatever you place beneath it: tarp, garbage bag, or a short container. No lifting, just a quick pull to empty and go. 

Acorns are hard to see and hard to get rid of. The Classic 12" Flip-Up Basket Small Acorn Harvester will save you time and energy by getting those annoying acorns off your lawn.

The Small Acorn Picker is great for collecting acorns of ALMOST ALL Oak tree varieties including: White, Live, Red, Pin, Chinkapin, Scarlet, Shumard, and Willow Oak.

Our small acorn model is generally made for 1" or less in diameter acorns.

*This acorn roller will hold up to 20 pounds of acorns before requiring emptying.

See more about assembly, shipping, and warranty information on our Support page. International inquiries: Contact Brent Frantz at brent@baganut.com.

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