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36" Push Small Acorn Picker

36" Push Small Acorn Picker

36" Push Small Acorn Picker


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Double the width and double the pick-up area of our 18-inch Acorn Picker, this roller covers more ground faster for larger lawns and dense acorn coverage. Our patented wheels grab the acorns and eject them into the collection baskets without the use of an engine. The basket, ejector fingers, and brackets have all been re-designed for a better Bag-A-Nut harvester.  With one of our collectors, you can avoid the noise, maintenance and expense of a lawn vacuum.

It works on ALMOST ALL Oak varieties, especially: Live, Pin, White, Red, Chinkapin, Scarlet, Shumard, and Willow Oak.

Our small acorn model is generally made for 1" or less in diameter acorns.

Need help deciding between the LARGE and the SMALL Acorn Harvester? See our Acorn Sizing Chart PDF for help.

Watch the small acorn model pick up nuts!

International inquiries: Contact Brent Frantz at brent@baganut.com

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