Comparing the Classic 18” with the New 21” PRO Harvester

Pecan News | Sep 25, 2023
Bag-A-Nut 18 inch vs 21 inch pro harvester


The most recent Bag-A-Nut release in the PRO series is the 21” PRO Push Harvester. This is the first harvesting season it’s available and you may be wondering whether you have a need for this heavy-duty harvester or if you could go with the classic 18” model. Both machines would be great investments for collecting nuts this season. Let’s take a more in depth look to compare these units so you can determine which option is best for your needs.

The 18” Push Harvester has been a Bag-A-Nut staple for years. It works great for a medium-sized area and has a plastic frame. The 21” PRO gives a little more coverage and has been redesigned with a heavy-duty metal frame body. Both machines were designed to be durable and last many years. The welded metal frame will last longer over time.

While the classic 18” comes with one removable basket, the 21” comes with three collapsible crates included with your purchase and are available for sale. While you’re using one basket for harvesting, the other two can be collapsed and stored on the handle. You can also buy additional crates which can be stacked to the side for when you fill up the others.

Another new feature of the 21” PRO are the lift wheels. They allow you to transport your unit from place to place without the tines down so you’re not collecting unwanted debris. This also extends the life of the tines and protects them from damage between harvesting areas.

When comparing the prices of these harvesters, you’ll want to look at your personal needs and all the features both offer. You can spend more on a heavy-duty harvester with more conveniences or go with the classic version that harvests as well, but with less features and a lower price. If you’re in need of a smaller unit, there is also the 12” and if you have a larger area, check out our push or pull 36” models. The 42” PRO is the largest harvester available and has the same design and features as the 21”.

Whatever you need, there are a variety of options to choose from. Hopefully this has helped you decide which harvester would suit your orchard’s needs best.

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