First Camping Trip

News | Mar 22, 2021
Bag A Nut Camping F


Soon after closing on our property in southeast Georgia we planned our first camping trip. This was not only our first overnight stay at the property, but it was also the first camping trip we had ever taken with the kids. We borrowed a pop-up camper and packed them up, ages 6, 4, 2, and 1 and headed out for adventure!


I have to admit the trip seemed surreal. We had been thinking about and planning for this land for so long and here we were pulling up to the property and trying to figure out where to set up camp. A few times I asked myself, are we really doing this? The two little ones still slept in cribs at the house and we only had two full size beds for all of us in the pop-up! Not to mention we didn’t even have electricity on the property yet. Of course it started to get dark as we were trying to set up, but there was a beautiful, bright full moon and the night air was cool. Once we were all set up, it only took about 2 hours for the girls to stop giggling and fall asleep.


Silas and I laugh and say our neighbors must have thought we were crazy and sometimes, I think they would’ve been right. It seems like we fit it all in on that one trip; camp food, full moon nights, dirty kids, caught fish, killed a deer, and cleaned A LOT of diapers! The bathroom situation is one of my least favorite memories. Silas happens to be a skilled carpenter and fashioned us a perfectly sized wood toilet seat to fit on a 5 gallon bucket. It unfortunately stuck around for much longer than our first camping trip. That wood toilet seat still hangs on the wall of our barn as a reminder of how far we have come….and maybe to taunt me a little.


At the end of the trip, we headed back home, thoroughly exhausted, but feeling like we picked the right place! We couldn’t wait to get back and start laying out our orchards and barn!


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