How Long Can Pecans be Left on the Ground?

News | Oct 14, 2019
how long can pecans be left on the ground


Mature pecan trees will drop their nuts between September and November. Your pecans will start off with a green outer shell called a husk. As the pecans inside start to ripen, the husks will turn brown and eventually begin to crack. That’s when you know the pecans will start falling soon. If you’re planning on harvesting pecans, a little preparation is required to ensure efficient pick up. Before the pecans start to fall, clean up the area beneath the trees by raking and mowing. A well maintained terrain will make the process of picking up nuts much easier.

If you’re wondering how long you can leave fallen pecans on the ground, the answer is pick them up as soon as possible. If they sit on the ground too long they will most likely become wet, causing them to rot much faster. If they sit in moist dirt for long, they’ll become muddy, which will require you to clean them later. It’s also wise to pick them up before scavengers like deer, squirrels, and crows find them.

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