How Nut Dynasty Began: A Series for Growing Nut Trees

News | Dec 10, 2019



Caleb and Silas Dudley are brothers and the current owners of Bag-A-Nut Harvesters.  They and their amazing team of family and employees are creating a series of short videos about growing your own orchard.  In recent years they have accomplished this, making many mistakes and learning a lot along the way.

Bag-A-Nut Harvesters have always been manufactured in Jacksonville, Florida, where it’s hard to find nut tree orchards.  The closest place to grow pecan trees well is south Georgia, so they decided to place their orchard there.  This has been extremely beneficial because now they have their own space for testing Bag-A-Nut products.  This gives them the customer’s perspective from start to finish, allowing them to encounter the same issues and therefore, improve the products.

Another goal for the property is to have a place to spend quality family time, especially for the kids to slow down and enjoy nature.  “A lot of my good memories as a youth are with my uncles and the projects they got me involved in.  They’d take me fishing or anything from building a garage with Uncle Johnny to going to the Bahamas, building sheds with Uncle Dan.  It taught me character and skills.”, explains Silas.

He and Caleb hope to use their resources and what they’ve learned to pass on to the younger generation of the Dudley family.  Silas goes on to say “Who doesn’t like to get out there in the country, get out there in the morning, hear animals you don’t hear in the big city and shoot your gun…have a campfire.  Who doesn’t like to be in the woods?”

The goal of this series is to encourage you to educate yourself and make a plan before you get outside and get started.

Check out our Nut Dynasty Playlist on the Bag-A-Nut YouTube Channel.

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