How to Care for Pecan Trees

News | Jun 28, 2018
green pecans


          Pecan trees are great for open yards because their height allows them to be a great source of shade.  They bear delicious nuts that are extremely versatile as snacks or in recipes.  There are several important steps you can take to ensure your gorgeous pecan trees remain healthy!

          Caring for pecan trees is all about three main things: water, fertilizer, and pest control.  Water is the most significant factor when it comes to nut quality.  The first two weeks of September is the most critical time for watering your trees.  According to the University of Georgia, ” as much as 350 gallons of water per day can be required by each tree during the nut filling stage.”  The soil must have enough moisture in order for the tree to continue to grow strong and produce high-quality pecans.

          Fertilizing your trees with ammonium nitrate and zinc sulfate will also ensure growth and a healthy crop.  You can do a leaf analysis or soil test to check if your tree is getting the proper nutrition and based on the pH results you can adjust your fertilizer where needed.  According to Jackie Carrol from Gardening Know How “In spring of the year after the tree was planted, spread a pound of 5-10-15 fertilizer over a 25 square foot area around the tree, beginning 1 foot from the trunk. The second and third year after planting, use 10-10-10 fertilizer in the same manner in late winter or early spring and again in late spring. When the tree begins to bear nuts, use 4 pounds of 10-10-10 fertilizer for each inch of trunk diameter.”

          Pests may be a concern for your pecan trees and preventing them from becoming a problem is essential.  Identifying which type of pest you’re dealing with is the first step because then you can select the proper insecticide to use.  Of course, spraying the whole tree isn’t an option so you’ll want to seek out the safest insecticide for either of the most common pecan pests, weevils or aphids. 

        Harvesting pecans  If you’re lucky enough to care for these beautiful trees, these steps will promote excellent growth, which in turn, will give you better pecans, and a larger harvest. 

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