How To Pick Up Acorns For Deer- Part One

Acorns | Dec 10, 2019
collecting acorns for deer hunting


Caleb Dudley, Bag-A-Nut’s CEO, scouted a parking lot to demonstrate how easy it is to pick up acorns with an Acorn Push Harvester.  Just before starting, he had this to say about the parking lot “It’s full of acorns.  There are islands in the parking lot…it’s a good source of easy to pick up deer feed.  Currently, there are a bunch of geese eating all my acorns.  We’re gonna go run them off and pick up a bunch of acorns.”

After joyfully chasing off the geese, he explained, “Today the machine we chose to use is the 18″ Acorn Harvester.  This is our most popular sized acorn harvester.  It has a removable front basket and it’s going to hold about 35-40 lbs. of acorns when full.”
After picking up many acorns in an open area of the parking lot, he approached an island curb where acorns were piled up next to and on top of.  “For our machine to work the best, just kick them off and spread them out.  It gets them off the curb so they’re not two or three layers thick and they pick up a lot better.”

After a short time he says, “Right now my basket has got about 30 lbs. of acorns.  It’s not quite full, but I’m starting to be able to feel it on the handle of the machine fighting against me, and right now is about the time I would normally empty it.”  That’s a lot of acorns and it took him five minutes or less to collect.

Back at the Bag-A-Nut warehouse, all the acorns were spread out on a sorting table.  “I went through and picked out the big pieces of trash, sticks and things like that.  Then I’m just going to set them aside for a couple days and let them dry out before I put them in a container for long term storage.  A lot of states don’t allow you to put out corn and different bait attractants for wildlife, but you can relocate acorns.”

He continued to explain his plan to use the acorns for late in the hunting season.  “We’ll probably put them out in December when the natural acorns have already been eaten.  We’ll use this as bait for our area where we’re hunting.  In the short time I did it I wound up picking up 49 lbs.”

How To Pick Up Acorns for Deer: Part 2

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