How to Pick Up Crab Apples

Crabapples, News, | Sep 23, 2019
crab apple picker upper


Crab apples are a fruit that grows on trees and looks like tiny apples.  They have a sour, tart flavor which can be distasteful for some.  Others get creative and use them to make cider, chutney,  jams, or sauces.  Whether you’re looking to use them or toss them, it can be a pain to have to pick up a large quantity of these fallen fruits.

Bag-A-Nut customers have shared with us that our Large Acorn machine does a great job at picking up crab apples.  One such customer had this to say, “Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product and shipping it so quickly.  It works great at picking up those small crab apples (1/2 ” to 5/8″) that are such a nuisance and not good for anything.  I need to clean them up twice a week this time of year or they will become a smelly, slippery, slimy, rotting mass that attracts hoards of wasps. This year’s “crop” is the largest in over 40 years, and your machine will save my back.  Worth every penny!”.

The Large Acorn unit, also known as an “acorn roller” will make collecting crab apples much easier and faster.  There are several models available including a Stab-A-Nut for small areas with one to two trees, a 12″ Push, an 18″Push, and a 36″ Push.  There is also a 36″ Pull-Behind model you can attach to a ride along mower for even larger areas.  Check out all your options here,, and start gathering those crab apples today!

– Pictures came from Mr. Battles. Thank you for sharing!

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