Make These Nutty Treats For Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be thinking about gifts and treats to share with your loved ones. Macadamia nuts, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds are all delicious and add their own unique hearty flavor to any dessert. If you or those you love are nut lovers, these nutty Valentine’s Day recipes are for you!

Red Velvet Macadamia Cookies
These cookies are made with a half a cup of macadamia nuts and are a beautiful pinkish color, perfect for Valentine’s Day. They are festive and sure to be delicious. Check out the recipe here and see for yourself!

Pecan Caramel Clusters
Pecan pie is a classic dessert for the fall, but you can also use pecans to make other types of treats. This one is for the chocolate lovers. The recipe calls for 2 cups of pecans, so you’ll be sure to get your pecan fix. The flavors of caramel, chocolate, and pecans coming together will be sure to make your mouth water. Check out the recipe here.

Walnut Chocolate Ganache Tart
Walnuts and chocolate are also a delicious combination. This tart recipe contains 2 cups of walnuts and with the rich ganache chocolate filling is sure to be a rich treat. Find out for yourself here.

Almond Joy Cheesecake Bars
This Rich Cheesecake has chopped almonds and coconut, making it a unique twist on a classic recipe.

Hazelnut and Chocolate Mousse
If you’re looking for a healthier dessert that is still decadent, check out this Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse. It contains a full cup of hazelnuts, plus more crushed on top.

Bonus Recipe: Chocolate Covered Strawberries Dipped in Nuts
You can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without Chocolate Covered Strawberries! This recipe calls for any crushed nuts of your liking. Pick your favorite or create a mixture and sample a slice of heaven!

We hope you enjoy at least one of these recipes and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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