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Simply put, you push or stab and it picks up! Working similar to a commercial nut sweeper, the Bag-A-Nut has multiple wheels that roll along on the ground independently. The nuts remain engaged in the tines of the wheels until they hit the ejector fingers. From there, the nuts launch into the basket below for collection. When the basket is full, simply lift it out, empty your harvested nuts and keep on picking up.

Some call it a nut roller, or perhaps a nut picker. We call it a Bag-A-Nut. It will roll up, pick up, harvest up nuts better than any other small harvester on the market. We guarantee it.

See How the Bag-A-Nut and Stab-A-Nut Works

 Stab-A-Nut in Action

A Review of All Nut Harvesters

Benefits of the Bag-A-Nut and Stab-A-Nut:

Saves Time, Energy and Money Picking Up All the Nuts

Bag-A-Nut is much faster at collecting nuts or other small objects than getting on your hands and knees, and a simple way to harvest without spending thousands on bulky harvesters. Bag-A-Nut can easily pay for itself many times over in the first harvesting season!

Lightweight Nut Harvesting Equipment

Bag-A-Nut takes very little effort to push as the individual movement of the wheels gives Bag-A-Nut great maneuverability, allowing harvesting around tight corners and irregular terrain. It is also constructed with high quality components and custom molded from tough yet lightweight, high-impact plastic and PVC. Many people ask us, why plastic? Our materials are chosen because they are durable, affordable and lightweight. Metal fabrication would skyrocket our prices, so we have chosen an assessable option that we believe will last for many years to come.

A Durable Nut Harvester

All components are replaceable, guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturing defects. Bag-A-Nut could last you indefinitely! We have customers call who have had the same Bag-A-Nut for 15 years. Our parts are affordable and our simple design allows for easy at-home fixes. Need to replace a component? Check out our component list here in the Support section of our site.

Effective Time Saver for Picking Up Nuts

While we do recommend some ground preparation, Bag-A-Nut will harvest in light to medium debris, while reaching down into the grass to get the nuts that many times go unseen. Leaves and small twigs should not jam the machine. We recommend that grass is trimmed to 5 inches or less.

Commercial Benefits for Harvesting Nuts

Bag-A-Nut is being utilized by commercial nut growers to glean around tree trunks and at the end of rows. Commercial shelling plants have found Bag-A-Nut useful in cleaning up spills on the plant floor. Putting Ranges are quickly retrieving their golf balls and Shooting Ranges are recycling their shells. New applications for Bag-A-Nut are being discovered continually!

Our goal is to get individuals off their hands and knees! For too long, gathering nuts has been a backbreaking, knees aching chore. We believe life is too precious to spend so much time struggling. We designed our nut pickers for the people!

We have dealers available for you to purchase our products locally. Check to see if a Bag-A-Nut Dealer is near you.