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Bag-A-Nut's Nut Dynasty is a series of videos to help people plant, care and harvest nut trees. We are starting the series with how to plant, grow, and care for the great pecan tree. This info is most helpful for the 2-nut-tree yard, all the way to the small nut orchards.


Nut Dynasty Series:

  1. How Nut Dynasty Began
  2. How To Plant Pecan Trees
  3. Do I Plant Bare Root or Potted Pecan Trees?
  4. Irrigating Pecan Trees
  5. Low Maintenance Pecan Irrigation
  6. How to Prune Pecan Trees
  7. What Kind Of Pecan Tree Variety Should I Plant?
  8. How To Pick Up Acorns For Deer (Part 1)
  9. How To Pick Up Acorns For Deer (Part 2) - Coming Soon
  10. How Far Apart Should I Plant My Pecan Trees?
  11. Where To Plant Pecan Trees?
  12. Weed Control on Your Pecan Nut Tree Orchard