Picking Up Acorns For Deer- Part Two

Acorns | Mar 23, 2022
picking up acorns for deer


In the Picking Up Acorns For Deer Part One video, Caleb Dudley, Bag-A-Nut’s CEO, showed how easy it is to collect a large amount of acorns with a Bag-A-Nut Acorn Harvester. In about 5 minutes, he collected 49 pounds of acorns from a parking lot with oak trees. That video concluded with an invitation to come back after the new year to see what kind of deer got to feast on these acorns.


The time has come to see the results of that October harvest. After being sorted, the acorns were dried and stored for a couple of months. By December, all the acorns were mostly eaten on the Dudley property, so Caleb and his brother, Silas (AKA Bag-A-Nut’s President), set out to restock their hunting area with the harvested acorns.

They chose to spread them where their game cameras were located so they would be able to see what types of deer were in the area. Even though they didn’t catch any big bucks on camera, they did see several healthy does enjoying the meal they left.

“Whether you’re baiting deer for hunting, if your state allows, or bringing them closer to your home for viewing, acorns are a great, natural way to feed the deer and other wildlife on your property.” -Caleb

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