Product Spotlight: The New 12″ Bag-A-Nut Design

News | Sep 09, 2020
New bag-A-nut 12" Harvester


The minds behind Bag-A-Nut are always working on discovering new ways to improve our products. Recently, our 12″ Flip-Up model has been retired and replaced with a new and improved pick up model. The upgrades were made with the customer in mind to make this machine more durable and efficient.

The old 12″ Flip-Up design was still using the old style basket, a pvc handle, and standard brackets. This new design features a removable basket, metal handle, and triangle side brackets that hold the whole machine together. The frame has been made more sturdy so the whole machine will last longer. Even with all these improvements, less wheels and a smaller handle make this model more affordable.

This new design is available for picking up acorns, almonds, chestnuts, hazelnuts, hickory nuts, macadamias, pecans, pine cones, sweet gum balls, English walnuts, and even golf balls. The mini model is 8″ so if you’re in need of something slightly larger, but not quite as big as the 18″, the 12″ machine is perfect for you.

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