18″ Push Hickory Nut Harvester

18″ Push Hickory Nut Harvester


SKU: A5001HN


This hickory nut picker has a durable, lightweight frame that ensures many years of hickory nut cleanup with little to no maintenance. Simply push this picker-upper over your hickory nuts, lift out the basket, and dump when it is full. Replace the basket and finish your lawn clean-up in a fraction of the time than it takes to rake. Bag-A-Nut Hickory Nut Harvesters are designed to pick up the actual nut (with or without the husk) but not the loose hulls/husks. This harvester will occasionally pick up some of the loose husks/hulls but will leave the majority of them on the ground.

This unit will also pick up sweet gum balls!

Assembled Weight24 lbs
Assembled Dimensions40 x 21.625 xx 43 in – L x W x H
Also Picks UpChestnuts (actual nut, not husk), English Walnuts, Macadamia Nuts, Sweet Gum Balls, and other objects 5/8” – 1 ½” (1.6-3.81cm) in diameter
Warranty30 Day Money-Back Guarantee & 1 Year Warranty
Country of ManufactureUSA



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