36″ Pull-Behind Almond Harvester

36″ Pull-Behind Almond Harvester


SKU: A7000AL


Adding our Pull-Behind Almond Harvester to your orchard harvest equipment this year will help you minimize your time spent on harvesting this season and the ones to come. Bag-A-Nut’s Pull-Behind Almond Harvester can be pulled behind an ATV, small tractor, riding lawn mower, or golf cart.

Even if you use a commercial row sweeper, the Bag-A-Nut Pull-Behind can get the almonds that are left behind and up around the base of the trees. You may even avoid renting a commercial nut sweeper altogether by investing in your own fleet of Bag-A-Nut Harvesters. Either way, Bag-A-Nut Harvesters will save you money while minimizing your time harvesting.

Assembled Weight43 lbs
Assembled Dimensions61.5 x 43.75 x 15.5 in – L x W x H
Also Picks UpHazelnuts, Large Acorns, Pecans, and other objects 3/8" - 1 1/4" (0.97-3.18cm) in diameter
Warranty30 Day Money-Back Guarantee & 1 Year Warranty
Country of ManufactureUSA