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Sorting Table

Sorting Table


The Sorting Table Pro is Bag-A-Nut’s newest piece of harvesting equipment. This sorting table aids in the separation of nuts from thatch and debris while also providing a surface for sorting, all in a single station. Versatile and lightweight (85lbs), the Bag-A-Nut Sorting Table Pro is easy to maneuver where needed. Use directly in the orchard while mounted to your truck’s receiver hitch, or use as a standalone unit in your barn or driveway.

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The price is estimated to be $1800

Operation of our Sorting Table is easy. Simply pour a crate of nuts (thatch and all) directly onto the grating and toggle the vibrational motor on. The vibration will begin to cause the thatch, sticks, and leaves to fall through the grate. Lightly float your hand over top of the nuts to dislodge any remaining debris until only the nuts are left. Pick out and discard any damaged or bad nuts. Once you’re satisfied with the remaining harvest, lift the grating, dumping the nuts into the rear hopper. When the hopper is full, lift the hopper slide gate, allowing the nuts to pour out into the container of your choosing.

Used in conjunction with any Bag-A-Nut Harvester, the sorting table is an excellent addition to help streamline your harvesting process, saving you time and money. Made in the USA and engineered to be durable and fully serviceable, this sorting table is built for a lifetime use.

  • Ergonomic table top height for working at waist level (37 1/2″)
  • Free standing or mountable in a standard 2″ vehicle receiver (by way of included hitch bar)
  • Low amp 110v vibrating motor (easily powered from standard AC outlet or a vehicle’s DC auxiliary power outlet when using an inverter)
  • Removable legs and grate frame for easy storage
  • Constructed of steel, aluminum, and ABS plastic
  • Durable & fully serviceable
  • Weight: 85lb
  • Footprint: approx. 50″ x 57″


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