Weight Attachment Brackets

Weight Attachment Brackets

This bracket attaches to Push Model Bag-A-Nut Harvesters to aid in pickup on thick grass or dirt terrains. Not compatible with pull-behind models

SKU: S5000


These brackets attach to a 12″, 18″, or 36″ Push Model Bag-A-Nut Harvesters to allow the attachment of weights (ATTENTION: not compatible with pull-behind models). This aids in the pickup on grass or dirt terrains. Weights are added to the bracket, which helps press the collection wheels farther into the grass or dirt.

We recommend using 5-10 lb. standard barbell plate weights on each side of the machine. You should be able to find these at most fitness equipment stores. The inner diameter of the weights needs to be 1″ or greater. Barbell plates are NOT included with the “Weight Attachment Brackets”.

Only recommended for use on outdoor terrain.

Weights are not included.  The “Weight Attachment Brackets” comes with two brackets so you can put one on each side of the collector.

15 lbs. max weight recommended per side.

Compatibility12" / 18" / 36" Push Harvesters (will not work on pull-behind models)


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