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18" Push Pecan Harvester

$495.00 $520.00 saving $25.00
18" Push Pecan Harvester

18" Push Pecan Harvester

$495.00 $520.00 saving $25.00

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The 18-inch Bag-A-Nut Pecan Harvester offers efficient pick-up, easy maneuverability and faster pecan harvesting. The basket, ejector fingers and brackets have all been re-engineered for a better Bag-A-Nut, and a better pecan harvester.  Push the pecan harvester under trees and around the trunks with ease.  Lift out, empty, and replace basket quickly.  See for yourself why this model is our most popular pecan picker.

Our Pecan Harvesters will pick up all varieties of pecans, from large pecans to the smallest seedlings.  Stop bending over and hurting your back.  Push this pecan harvester and watch the wheels grab the pecans and eject them into your basket. It is the easiest way to pick up pecans. You can turn hours into minutes with your Bag A Nut Pecan Harvester.

This Pecan Harvester will also pick up your large acorns, almonds & hazelnuts. This harvester will also pick up your sweet gum balls but not as efficiently as the Sweet Gum Ball Harvester.  

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Newly Redesigned Nut Harvesters for 2021

Now with a larger yield, the all-new Nut Harvesters help homeowners and small farms save time and energy.

18" Push Pecan Harvester
  • Save Time & Energy

    For too long, gathering nuts has been a backbreaking, knees-aching, time-consuming chore. No more!
  • Innovative Design

    Durable, affordable and lightweight, the Bag-A-Nut is easy to maneuver around tight corners and irregular terrain.
  • Fan Favorite

    Used world-wide, Bag-A-Nut is the leader in non-powered nut harvesters.
  • Eco-Friendly

    No fuel, no exhaust, and is made with 30% pre-consumer recycled plastic.