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36" Pull-Behind Chestnut Harvester

36" Pull-Behind Chestnut Harvester

36" Pull-Behind Chestnut Harvester


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Chestnut harvesting does not have to be painful!  Just drive along and watch those prickly hulls or chestnuts get picked up and ejected into the basket. Pull the Chestnut Pull-Behind Harvester behind an ATV, small tractor, riding lawn mower, or golf cart.

Eliminating the need for several laborers!  Bag-A-Nut helps you to enjoy a quicker, more profitable harvest year after year!

The Chestnut Harvester arrives ready to pick up the chestnut or the burrs. Please choose the size harvester you would like to receive above. Your Chestnut harvester will come with extra parts to convert between the two sizes (to pick up the nuts or burrs). Instructions on how to convert your harvester will be included with your Chestnut Harvester as well as a link to watch a video on how to add or remove the spacers. We recommend that the person converting the machine to be mechanically inclined. If you have any questions or problems, please give us a call at 904-641-3934.

We also suggest using the Stab-A-Nut for picking up the Burrs/Husks.

International Inquiries: Contact Brent Frantz at brent@baganut.com

A7001 CH (Nut), A7009 (Burrs)
UPC: 799705693487, 799705693500