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36" Push Pine Cone Picker

36" Push Pine Cone Picker

36" Push Pine Cone Picker


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Are you sick of having those annoying pine cones laying in your yard, making your yard look bad? With our Pine Cone Picker you can pick up those prickly things with ease. To make your yard look clean and free of pine cones use our Bag-A-Nut Picker. With our picker you can eliminate the pine cones before you run them over with your lawn mower.

With the 36" Picker, you can empty the pine cones by simply removing the baskets from the Picker and dumping them into any desired location. A big advantage that the 36" Picker has is that it can cover more ground faster and fill up two baskets with pine cones.

*Make sure you measure your pine cones and find the average diameter before selecting the correct Bag-A-Nut!

Pine Cone Picker Upper

Some assembly required. Instructions included with the unit. All parts are warranted from manufacturer defects for one year from the date of purchase (excludes cases of misuse or abuse of the machine). We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee (shipping not included).

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