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42" PRO Pull-Behind Pecan Harvester

42" PRO Pull-Behind Pecan Harvester

42" PRO Pull-Behind Pecan Harvester


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For several years now we have had customers reaching out to us who do not own enough Pecan trees to justify commercial harvesters but need something with more capability than our traditional product line has offered. The new 42" Pro is our response to that request. To date, this is the hardest working most efficient harvester that Bag-A-Nut has ever offered. If you are tired of leaving thousands of dollars worth of nuts out in your orchard because you can't get to them all, or you are losing large percentages of your harvest to others picking it up on shares, the new 42" Pro may be the solution you've been looking for. 


  • Flat Free Lift Wheels Allow for easy debris-free transportation between harvest areas and around the barn and garage.
  • Harvested nuts are collected in two collapsible Crates (Approx. 30lb capacity each)
  • Holds up to 20+ additional Crates on Its rack. (When Crates are collapsed)
  • Boasts a 42” wide continuous harvest strip (Our widest continuous Wheelbase ever).
  • Mounts to just about any vehicle (1 7/8” ball required). The 42" Pro Harvester has a tongue that can be adjusted to hitch heights between 7"-16" inches
  • Utilizes a Triangle Bracket or a 4x4 Side Post Kit to position the harvester out to the side of vehicles (no more crushed pecans)
  • The versatile design also allows for one harvester to be pulled behind another or several side-by-side. (Diagrams coming soon)
  • Greaseable steel bearings between the Wheelbase and Frame.
  • Welded Steel Frame
  • Baffle (Keeps those Pecans where they belong)
  • Empty weight; approx. 200lbs
  • Harvester dimensions; 59”w X 42” L X 26” H (83” W with triangle sidebar attached)(Actual collection area is 42”)
  • Low Maintenance user-friendly design. (All parts are replaceable with common wrenches)
  • Satisfaction Guarantee (If you don’t like your harvester send it back)
  • Strong Warranty - 2-year manufacturer warranty against defects on all plastic parts - 4-year warranty against defects on the steel frame and powder coat. (Click HERE for full details)

The All-New 42" Pro Nut Harvester

Our all-new Nut Harvester can help small farms save time, energy, and money.

42" PRO Pull-Behind Pecan Harvester
  • Save Time & Energy

    For too long, gathering nuts has been a backbreaking, knees-aching, time-consuming chore. No more!
  • Innovative Designs

    Durable, affordable and lightweight, our harvesters are easy to operate in various terrains that other harvesters can not go.
  • Fan Favorite

    Used world-wide, Bag-A-Nut is the leader in non-mechanized nut harvesters.
  • Eco-Friendly

    No fuel or exhaust, and is made with ~30% pre-consumer recycled plastic.