The Golf Ball Bag-A-Nut

Golf Balls | Jun 21, 2021
Pick up golf balls quickly


Pecans were the first thing Bag-A-Nut machines picked up, and eventually other nut collecting machines were created. Another collection was later designed when the Bag-A-Nut model was modified to collect golf balls. These machines have the same design as the nut harvesters, with the wheels being farther apart to grab range balls and drop them into the basket.

These models are great for quickly cleaning up driving ranges and practice putting greens with ease. They go where larger equipment cannot. They are made with lightweight, high quality plastic and will not tear up the green during collection.

There are 4 golf ball models to choose from. The Stab-A-Nut model was designed for smaller areas, while the 18″ Push Golf Ball Picker is great for slightly larger areas and can be pushed like a lawn mower. One satisfied customer said of the 18″ model, “Great for short game areas. Leaves no marks on the green. Honestly works better than our current picker rig.”

The other two models are the 36″ Push and 36″ Pull Behind. These are great for larger areas and both include double collection baskets. The Pull Behind model can be attached behind an ATV, small tractor, or riding lawn mower so you can collect golf balls faster than ever.

Check out all our options for picking up golf balls the fast, fun, and efficient way with Bag-A-Nut!

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