The Healing Power of Pine Cones

Pine Cones | Jan 04, 2015
pine cones


The possibilities for the pine cone to produce the healing power for some of the most ruthless diseases facing the world today are astounding.

According to an article in theDaily, Britain may hold the key to beating MRSA. MRSA strikes 100,000 people in England alone, killing 5,000. About 5,500 deaths occur in the US from MRSA.

Researches put material from a pine cone into a petri dish with the MRSA bacteria and, in less time than conventional antibiotics, killed the MRSA bacteria.

In an article by Mrs. Weed, she discusses the many uses of a pine tree, cones, bark, sap, needles for healing purposes. Using different parts of the pine tree on the outside of the body as well as the inside seem to have pronounced outcomes. If you find you want to pick up your own pine cones you can use our Bag-A-Nut Harvesters. Pine Cones might be annoying in your yard but they can provide some purpose like arts and crafts or healing sap! Read some of the articles and be amazed at how God’s creation has a healing power built right into it!

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