The Many Uses of Pinecones

Pine Cones | Oct 04, 2018
Pine Cone Art crafts for kids


Autumn is finally approaching!  That means cooler weather, holidays, pumpkin everything, and decorations.

You might be surprised that something in your backyard can help you spice things up this fall.  Pinecones can be found in large quantities and you may see them as just a part of nature, or even a nuisance.  But they are beautiful and can be used in a variety of different ways. Pinecones are an ideal addition to many decorations, games, and crafts.

There are numerous ways to incorporate pinecones creatively with kids.  You can create a scavenger hunt by hiding them and whoever finds the most wins.  Gather a few craft components like glitter, paint, and construction paper to create all kinds of fun activities.

Pinecones are perfect for holiday crafts as well.  They can be turned into a variety of different animals.  Spiders for Halloween, turkeys for Thanksgiving, and reindeer for Christmas.  Create a heart-shaped wreath for Valentine’s day or make a Christmas wreath with pinecones, holly, bells, and bows.  They look great with Christmas lights and make fun Christmas tree ornaments.

Pinecones are so versatile, they can be used in home décor year round.  If you can find enough, they’re a free way to liven up any space in your home.  Place them in a decorative bowl or tray with candles for a simple centerpiece.  They can easily be painted or bleached so you can make them any color you want.  You can also make a cost free bird feeder with pinecones.


Don’t let your pinecones go to waste.  Pick them up with our Bag-A-Nut Pinecone Pickers and start using them for any of these ideas.  Check out Pinterest for more options.  The possibilities are truly endless!

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