The New 21” PRO Push Harvester

News | Aug 02, 2023
Bag-A-Nut 21" pro harvester machine for quick nut harvesting


The 21” PRO Push Harvester was recently released and there are many exciting key features to discover. It has a similar design to the 42” PRO, just on a smaller scale of 21” wide. This harvester can pick up pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, acorns, and other objects 3/8”- 1 ¼” (0.97-3.18 cm) in diameter. It was designed to be used over and over for any size orchard.

The drop-down travel wheels provide an efficient way to save time because when they are lowered, the collection drum is lifted so you can pull the machine between harvesting areas without collecting unwanted debris. This also prevents the tines from being damaged. The frame is welded completely of steel and powder coated giving it excellent durability. The added weight of the frame helps the picker tines dig deeper into areas with thick grass and loose dirt, so you’ll be sure to get all your nuts.


Another time saving feature is the interchangeable collapsible crate system. When one crate is full, it is lifted and set to the side so you can replace it with an empty crate from the handle carrier, which can hold two crates in reserve. Three crates are included with the harvester, and more are available for purchase as needed. Each crate can hold about 15 lbs. of nuts.

The axle bearings are greaseable and it’s very easy to maintain this harvester. All the parts are serviceable with basic tools. This is yet another addition to the PRO Series and they just keep getting better!


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