The New Tractor Side Pull Kit for the 42” PRO Harvester

Uncategorized | Dec 11, 2023
4X4 Hitch Kit Tractor


You’ve heard how heavy-duty and well designed our largest harvester is, but have you seen the latest accessory that goes with it? The new Tractor Side-Pull Kit is a bracket kit that allows you to pull the 42” PRO Harvester off the side of a tractor equipped with a 3-point hitch. All it takes is a few basic tools and a piece of 4×4 lumber to easily put this kit together.

This kit was designed to solve the problem of tractor wheels running over and crushing nuts before they’re harvested. Combined with the harvesting strategy of driving concentric circles and working your way inwards towards the center of the tree, far fewer nuts will be crushed. The 42” PRO Harvester is the largest harvester we offer so if you have a lot of land to cover, you can be more efficient

Tractor Side Pull Bag-A-Nut 42" Pro Bracket Harvesting Pecans

If you are using a standard tractor or lawn mower with a ball hitch, you will not need this bracket kit (the included triangle side bracket achieves this already). To see visual instructions and the kit in action, please check out the video on the bottom of the product page.

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