The Search For A Farm

News | Feb 09, 2021
Silas Farm


The search for land actually took us several years and was centered in Southeast Georgia. The location is close to our current home and is in an area where pecan trees grow well.  We wanted a place to combine our business goals with our family goals. A place to get our kids outside where we could go camping, fishing, hunting, and spend quality family time together.

The searching part was really fun. My family lives in Southeast Georgia and for years Silas would look at property on real estate websites. When we would go visit my family, we would spend hours driving around and checking out the properties, dreaming of the perfect place. It became a hobby to find a property and map out where we would plant the orchards, build a barn, and put the tree stands.

Eventually, we found a piece with enough room for a couple of small orchards, and even a few food plots for the wildlife.  So far, we are loving it and are really learning a lot. We are experiencing first hand what our customers do as they manage their own land and trees. Silas has used the property for research and development, just as he envisioned. Shama, our marketing manager, is able to photograph our products in action. Our little adventure  ended up inspiring us to launch a series of videos on our Bag-A-Nut YOUTUBE channel. You can view them under the Nut Dynasty playlist. We really do enjoy sharing what we’re learning and look forward to what the future holds in the years to come!

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