The Spark That Started Nut Dynasty

News | Jan 07, 2021
nut harvester invention


Silas still remembers the trip in 1988 he took with his grandpa, James Dudley, to visit relatives in Georgia. It was supposed to be a deer hunting trip, but instead they spent three days on their hands and knees picking up pecans. When Grandpa Dudley got back to Jacksonville he said, “There has to be a better way!”. This trip led to the founding of Bag-A-Nut, Inc. in 1989.  Grandpa didn’t know at the time that his success would provide an opportunity for his sons and his grandsons to continue to build on his work. This is why when we embarked on our adventure in farming nuts that we lovingly started calling ourselves the Nut Dynasty. The name is a tribute to a man who worked hard and provided for his son’s sons. Pecans (among other nuts) and family have been an intricate part of our story.

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