Those Pesky Sweet Gum Balls!

Sweet Gum Balls | Jun 03, 2014
sweet gum balls


I was starting to wonder if there are any good things about these trees. To my surprise, there are a few!

»The tree overall is very beautiful. It produces glossy green leaves in the spring and summer and turns vivid red, yellow and even purple in the fall!

»You can eat the dried sap from the trees. I was told it taste like bitter chewing gum. Yum!

»The tree produces Shikimic Acid, which can help treat the flu.

»Provide cover and shade for birds and mammals.

»Some Hummingbirds get the nectar from the sweet gum flowers.

These beautiful trees produce some beautiful things, but also a pesky fruit. But with the Bag-A-Nut, you can enjoy that bitter chewing gum without the painful sweet gum balls.

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