Top 5 Healthiest Nuts

Almonds, News, | Jan 03, 2017


In a world where everyone is so calorie-conscious, it’s nice to know there are healthy, satisfying, and delicious snack options like nuts. Nuts are high in protein and can be the perfect mid-day snack to satisfy hunger or add unique flavors to recipes. Below are the top 5 healthiest nuts you can easily incorporate into your diet.

1. Almonds
Almonds are known for being the nut highest in calcium and contain many other vitamins and minerals. They are great for your heart and may reduce the risk of diabetes.

2. Pecans
Pecans contain dietary fiber, which is great for your digestion because fiber helps your body cleanse itself of toxins. They also contain essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Research shows antioxidants reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Have Pecan trees? Check out our Pecan Harvesters!

3. Hazelnuts
Hazelnuts are awesome because they are often used to infuse desserts with a unique flavor. They’re also great for lowering bad cholesterol and have anti-inflammatory properties. A fun recipe to try with hazelnuts would be to make your own Nutella. Here is an easy 4 ingredient, healthy recipe from the Minimalist Baker. In the North-West United States hazelnuts are making a come-back. Many Hazelnut farmers are popping up and growing healthy hazelnut trees. Many hazelnut farmers use the Bag-A-Nut Hazelnut Harvester to help pick them up.

4. Macadamias
Another nut known for its delicious flavor in many desserts is the macadamia nut. Since they’re high in healthy monounsaturated fat, they may help maintain balanced cholesterol levels. Once again, they are heart-healthy and full of essential vitamins and minerals. If you are lucky enough to have a macadamia tree check out these Bag-A-Nut Harvesters to help with your harvest.

5. Walnuts
Walnuts are a hearty nut that can be used in a variety of dishes. They can help with maintaining a healthy weight and healthy cholesterol levels. They are the nut highest in alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 essential fatty acid, which is great for your heart. Check out this delicious recipe for Gorilla Wraps that uses walnuts as the base ingredient.

Hopefully, you’ve been inspired to incorporate more nuts into your diet to promote a healthy lifestyle. They are a great option for those hungry and on the go.


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