Visiting the Bag-A-Nut Testing Grounds

News | May 21, 2020
Bag-A-Nut Testing Grounds


For the past few years, I’ve been writing blogs for Bag-A-Nut, and their sister company, Ammo-Up. My name is Nicki and I’m married to Brian Carnley, Bag-A-Nut’s Warehouse Manager. It’s about time I introduce myself and this is the perfect opportunity because I’ll be sharing my personal experiences from visiting Bag-A-Nut’s testing grounds in Georgia. Bag-A-Nut’s President, Silas Dudley, owns this property and has turned it into a beautiful testing site for Bag-A-Nut machines and it includes a little getaway home.

With over 30 acres of gorgeous woods, there is plenty to do while exploring this land. Brian and I took an overnight trip in April to get away, unplug, and spend some quality time together. Then we came back a few weeks later and this time, we brought our 3 year old daughter because we knew she would have a blast.

At first, I wasn’t sure what we would spend our time doing, but I told Brian I was happy as long as we had a bathroom with a shower and a bed to sleep in.  The place where we stayed is a barn apartment with an outside loft for hammocks and a nice covered space outside with picnic tables. There are two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and bunk beds for the kids.

We spent most of our time outside. The first thing Brian showed me was the young pecan tree field. They may not be huge yet, but in a few years, they will have grown exponentially. This is where future Bag-A-Nut unit testing will occur. Next, we took a walk and on the other side of the barn where there is a field of chestnut trees.

Behind the barn we found an abundance of wild dewberries. We picked and ate them right away. They were really fresh and have a tart and sweet flavor.  We also climbed the family hunting stand and sat quietly, hoping to see some deer. Unfortunately we didn’t, but we did run into a rabbit that hopped away as soon as it saw us, and a black snake


There is a really long tree swing next to the barn that is super fun. That was our daughter’s favorite part of the whole trip. She also loved watching her daddy jump from a high ladder and swing almost high enough to reach the tall branches of the giant live oak. She also loved riding on the lawn mower while Brian trimmed the grass around the barn.

We were blessed with some gorgeous weather both times we visited so we ate all our meals either on a picnic table or under a large tree in the front of the property.  We also took a deeper walk and found a beautiful, small flowing spring.

We got to lay under the bright Georgia stars at night. That’s something you don’t get to enjoy very often living in the suburbs so that was really special.

Overall, we really enjoyed our visits. Being out in nature and relaxing was great for our family. I can’t wait to see all the changes and growth to come in the pecan tree field where many of the Bag-A-Nut videos are filmed and many pecans will soon be harvested.

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