What are Magnolia Seed Pods?

Pine Cones | Apr 22, 2024
magnolia seed pod


Magnolia trees are tall and beautiful, with white, pink, red, or purple flowers that bloom in early summer. If you look at the center of the flowers, you’ll notice a small cone shaped pod. When the petals of the flowers fall off in autumn, they leave behind the magnolia seed pods that resemble pinecones. The mature seed pods produce red or orange fruit that are an excellent food source for squirrels, possums, and birds. This is also how the seeds are spread around to hopefully create more trees.

The seeds are found in the fruit of the magnolia tree. A farmer named Arthur Cook has an excellent website where he shares, “Magnolia seeds are large, flat, and oval in shape. They are typically brown or black in color, and have a hard, woody outer shell. The seeds are enclosed in a cone-shaped structure called a strobilus.”

If you’ve got magnolia trees on your property, you might feel like the large seed pods are a nuisance. Did you know Bag-A-Nut has a line of pinecone harvesters that will also pick up magnolia pods? Forget having to bend over to collect the pods that have fallen. There are a variety of different harvesters for whatever size pod and space to cover you need.


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