When and How to Pick Up Pecans

Pecan Harvest | Dec 03, 2020


Autumn is a beautiful time of year when the weather begins to cool and being outside in the fresh, crisp air is enjoyable. It’s also the time of year when pecans begin to fall. Depending on the type of pecans and climate, they can begin to drop in late September through November. Now is the perfect time to harvest your delicious pecans! Once pecans start falling, you know they are ready to collect. You can encourage more to fall by gently shaking the branches of your pecan trees with a long pole.

When they drop from the tree, they should be picked up as soon as possible. If left on the ground for too long, especially if the ground is damp, they can begin to rot and grow mold. They are also more likely to draw ants or be picked up by animals, such as squirrels and birds.

Picking up pecans is quick, easy, and fun with a Bag-A-Nut Harvester. Which machine you use depends on the amount of property and trees you have. The Stab-A-Nut Pecan Harvester is great if you only have a few trees. It was designed for those who don’t have a lot of ground to cover but still want to quickly pick up their nuts. The Mini Push Pecan Harvester was also designed for smaller spaces and you can push it to collect your nuts into a removable basket.  The more trees you have, the bigger the machine you’ll need. There are 12″, 18″, and 36″ Push models available for larger areas. There is also a 36″ Pull Behind model which you can pull behind a tractor or lawn mower for maximum efficiency.

It’s a great time of year to harvest lots of pecans for snacking, sharing with friends and family, holiday recipes, or even selling! Check out all of our pecan harvester options



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