Harvesting and Using Hickory Nuts

Hickory Nuts | Apr 22, 2021
using hickory nuts


Although they may not be the most popular nut, hickory nuts are versatile, delicious, and high in protein. In fact, hickory nuts are the most calorie-dense plant food there is. They can be collected and eaten fresh out of the shell, or used in many different recipes. If you have a hickory nut tree, you’re in luck.

The Under a Tin Roof blog has a lot of great information about hickory nuts because they harvest and cook with them from the trees on their farm. “The Native Americans named the nuts and would boil the meats down to create a hearty porridge. It makes sense; with their high fat levels they make an excellent source of protein…”. They describe the nuts as “sweet, rich, oily, and pecan-flavored” and they can be used in place of walnuts and pecans in any recipe.

They recommend collecting them in some sort of heavy duty bin, so the Bag-A-Nut is an ideal option. Once you’ve collected them with any of the Hickory Nut Bag-A-Nut Harvesters, place your nuts in a bucket of water. Discard any that float, as this indicates rotten nut meat. Dry them in the sun for a few days and use them right away, or store them in a spot with good airflow for about a month.

You can make all kinds of recipes with hickory nuts. They are great for desserts, like cake, cookies, pies, and brownies. You can also make hickory nut oil, syrup, or nut butter. Search Pinterest for more recipes and start enjoying all the hickory nut possibilities.
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